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Hydropower Project in Nepal

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Welcome to Yambaling Hydropower P. Ltd.

Yambaling Hydropower Company P. Ltd. has studied for commission of Yambaling Small HEP in FY 2010/11. As the other power projects located in the close vicinity and the generation expansion

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Hydropower potentials in Nepal

The perennial nature of Nepalese rivers and the steep gradient of the country's topography provide ideal conditions for the development of some of the world's largest Hydropower potentials in Nepal.

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Investment Opportunities in Hydropower Projects in Nepal

Energy poverty is widespread among all the developing nations. Nepali is no exception, as Nepal is also suffering from an extreme shortage of electricity for the past decade and is

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The Yambling Khola flows from North East to South West. The altitude of the Project area varies from 1340 m...

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Energy Market

Nepal is facing energy crisis. Demand is increasing day by day but cheap and reliable energy is not available in...

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In relations of investment, having immense potential for foreign investment in Nepal, the opportunities are being...

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Regional Geology

Nepal Himalayas constituting about 885 km in E‐W extension situated in the middle of the Great Himalayan Arc. The Nepal Himalayas have been divided into four major groups from north to south....

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The Yambling Khola flows from North East to South West. The altitude of the Project area varies from 1340 m to 4200 m Read more

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